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We are the cannabis industry’s premier provider of flower, concentrates, and edibles. We believe in the power of cannabis for all. 

Creeping Weeds was founded on the premise that we can do better for our industry and community. We take great pride in building a company that is innovative, transparent, supportive, and committed to advocating for all things cannabis.

The power of Cannabis

Building community

With our grassroots approach and the natural curiosity of all humans, we are able to spread our love for cannabis in a number of ways.

A community for all cannabis enthusiasts

Creeping Weeds is a leading provider of marijuana-related products and paraphernalia. As activists, they take pride in supporting the industry by advocating on behalf of it. They also offer innovative cannabis related products and are committed to helping others who use weed find their

Passionate advocates

In order to be the best, we need you. Creeping Weeds is looking for passionate people who are as excited about cannabis as we are to join our team!

Constantly growing

We are continuously adding new plants to our line of products and publishing articles about cannabis.


A New Era in Weed

Cannabis is a versatile and powerful medicine with many benefits. We believe in the power of cannabis for all, which is why we work so hard to build community, offer innovative products and advocate for our industry.

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