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Calm any storm with BuudaBomb’s Pineapple Thunder Gummies! One of the latest additions to BuudaBomb’s Black Label catalog, these delicious edibles are infused with over DOUBLE the amount of THC used in their regular gummies. Infused with 250mg of THC, these adult-friendly gummies are not meant for the faint of heart! Made with all-organic ingredients and packed with tropical flavours, get ready to make a splash with these sweet edibles.

CONTENTS 10x Pineapple Thunder Gummies
DOSAGE Each gummy contains 25mg of THC. Begin with one candy and allow half an hour for digestion prior to ingesting more.
EFFECTS Happy, Uplifted, Giggly, Relaxed & Sleepy
MEDICAL EFFECTS Stress, Depression, Pain, Insomnia & Fatigue

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BuudaBomb is a brand that specializes in gummy candies. They’re unusual, fun, and definitely not your average candy. And what makes them even more interesting is that they come in flavors like Pineapple Thunder and Sour Watermelon. If you’re looking for a new candy to try, BuudaBomb is a great option. And if you’re already a fan of their products, be sure to check out their latest addition: Buy BuudaBomb Pineapple Thunder Gummies.

What are BuudaBomb Pineapple Thunder Gummies?

What are BuudaBomb Pineapple Thunder Gummies?

BuudaBomb Pineapple Thunder Gummies are a delicious and potent candy that can give you a powerful rush of energy. Made with natural ingredients, these gummies provide a satisfying crunch and a sweet flavor that will keep you energized for hours. They come in a variety of flavors, so there’s sure to be one that suits your taste.

Where can I buy them?

BuudaBomb Pineapple Thunder Gummies are available to purchase online or at select retailers.

Online: www.buudabomb.com


Arizona Wildflower, Sun City Grand and Scottsdale, AZ
Baja Fresh, Oceanside, CA
California Health & Wellness, Sacramento, CA
East Coast Collective, Brooklyn, NY
Food Emporium Baltimore, MD
The Green Solution Natural Foods Market and Café, Santa Cruz, CA
Ground Up Food Co-Op (GUC), Eugene, OR
Highline Good Foods Market & Café, Seattle WA
Lucky’s Market and Deli., Tucson AZ
Motherlove Tea Company – Online Store and Cafe/Herbal Center; Asheville NC

What are the ingredients in BuudaBomb Pineapple Thunder Gummies?

BuudaBomb Pineapple Thunder Gummies are made with a combination of pineapple, honeydew, and lime juice. They are 100% natural and contain no artificial flavors or colors.

Are there any side effects to taking BuudaBomb Pineapple Thunder Gummies?

BuudaBomb Pineapple Thunder Gummies are a great way to enjoy your favorite fruit without all of the sugar. The gummies are made with natural ingredients, and there have been no reported side effects from taking them.

How long will it take for me to feel the effects of taking BuudaBomb Pineapple Thunder Gummies?

The BuudaBomb Pineapple Thunder Gummies are a dietary supplement that promises to give users an immediate burst of energy. The dosage is one gummy per day, and the manufacturers state that it will take about two hours for the effects to kick in. Some people report feeling a boost of energy within minutes, while others may take a little longer to feel an effect. Regardless of when you start to feel the effects, it is advised that you continue taking the gummies for the full two hours to ensure maximum benefits. If you do not feel the desired effects after two hours, it is suggested that you discontinue use and seek medical attention.

What are the health benefits of BuudaBomb Pineapple Thunder Gummies?

When it comes to health benefits, BuudaBomb Gummies have a lot to offer. These delicious gummy candies are made with real fruit, which contributes to a healthy diet. They also contain fiber and vitamins A and C, both of which are important for your overall health. Additionally, the sour flavor in BuudaBomb Gummies is great for your stomach, as it helps relieve indigestion and heartburn. Finally, the pineapple in these gummies is a powerful antioxidant that can help strengthen your immune system. So whether you’re looking for a sweet snack or something to boost your health overall, BuudaBomb Gummies are a great option!

What are the features of BuudaBomb Pineapple Thunder Gummies?

BuudaBomb Pineapple Thunder Gummies are a fruit-flavored gummy that is made with natural ingredients and contains no sugar. They come in a variety of flavors, including grape, orange, peach, and blueberry. The gummies are gluten free and vegan, and they are also low in calories.

The gummies are made with real fruit juice, which gives them their fruity flavor. They are also sweetened with Stevia leaf extract instead of artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose. The result is a candy that is both healthy and delicious.

Each pack of BuudaBomb Pineapple Thunder Gummies contains 32 gummy bears. They are available in four flavors: grape, orange, peach, and blueberry.

lotus bundle

Lotus Bundle

Looking for a sweet snack that will help you relax? Check out our selection of BuudaBomb Pineapple Thunder Gummies. These gummies are made with natural ingredients, and they’re sure to put you in a good mood. They come in a variety of flavors, so you can find the perfect one for your taste. Plus, they’re great for giving to friends and family members!

blue gummies

Looking for a sweet and sour snack? Check out BuudaBomb Pineapple Thunder gummies! These delicious gummies are blue in color and made with pineapple juice, sugar, and cornstarch. They come in a variety of flavors, including grape, strawberry, and mango. Whether you’re looking for a tasty treat or an exciting new flavor to try, BuudaBomb Pineapple Thunder gummies are sure to please!

How do I store them?

BuudaBomb Pineapple Thunder Gummies are available in four different flavors: sour green apple, sweet pineapple, tart cherry, and refreshing grape. Each gummy comes in a resealable bag with six pieces per bag. To store the gummies, simply place them in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. BuudaBomb recommends storing the gummies in an airtight container or sealable bag to keep them fresh.


BuudaBomb Pineapple Thunder Gummies are a delicious way to get your daily dose of fruit and fiber, all while satisfying your sweet tooth. The gummy bears are made with 100% natural ingredients and have no sugar, artificial flavors, or preservatives. They’re also gluten-free and vegan, so they’re perfect for anyone who is looking to improve their health or reduce their sugar intake.

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