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Flowering Type: Photoperiod
Pack Size: 3 Seeds; 5 Seeds; 10 Seeds
Plant Type: Hybrid
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LA Confidential

These LA Confidential seeds are a 95% indica dominant hybrid with THC levels between 19-25% and CBD/CBN of . 08-1.0%. Since the early 2000s, LA Confidential has won 4 High Times Cannabis Cup competitions and continues to be one of the most popular strains sold in Amsterdam and in the world at large.

LA Confidential seeds make for easy gardening and produces above-average yields for an OG Kush family hybrid. This is a very resilient plant, with strong natural defenses against different types of molds and pests. Seeds grow vigorously and form tall chunky plants with a minimal leaf covering. Therefore, pre-vegging and thinning large fan leaves during the later stage of flowering are advised to maximize yields. Indoor flowering time is 6-8 weeks with yields of 14oz/m2. Outdoor plants finish flowering by early October and deliver a harvest of 16oz/plant.

LA Confidential Strain Information

Developed by DNA Genetics Seeds, the LA Confidential strain has won so many awards, including the 2006 High Times Strain of the Year.

As a nearly pure indica (its sativa content ranges from about 5%-10%), LA Confidential delivers a body-numbing, sedating high that sends users straight into a deep state of couch-lock. If you’re into heavy, sedating weed, you’ll probably also enjoy similar indica-leaning strains like 9LB Hammer, G13, Blueberry OG, and Gorilla Glue #4.

Though this strain leans heavily indica, it also produces psychedelic-like effects at the outset, which can be both mood-lifting and thought-provoking. But those effects don’t last long. For most people, LA Confidential brings deep sleep within just a couple of hours. Given its intensely sedating effect, this bud is definitely best suited to a nighttime wind-down smoke sesh.

Medical patients who suffer from insomnia, pain, stress, and anxiety turn to LA Confidential for its calming effects. Recreational smokers love the strain for a nice mood boost and intense relaxation at the end of a long day. Users who smoke a bit too much are likely to fall asleep almost immediately after taking it.

Strain Effects




Helps With



Cotton Mouth

Cotton Mouth50%
Dry eyes

Dry eyes50%


Strain Pairings

Pairs With Music
After the party —Someone Else

After the party —Someone Else79%
LoFi Fruits Music – Black Slope

LoFi Fruits Music – Black Slope80%
Potsu – Moonglow

Potsu – Moonglow78%

After the party – Someone Else

Chill indie R&B that’s perfect for winding down.

LoFi Fruits Music – Black Slope

The chillest remakes of songs you already know and love, but with a LoFi twist. Perfect for kicking back and lighting up.

Potsu – Moonglow

Lazy, brain-calming beats for when the couch-lock sets in.

Pairs With Food
Fish tacos

Fish tacos50%
Any type pf seafood

Any type pf seafood65%


Fish tacos: Celebrate the California vibe while you burn down on one of California’s most well-loved strains.

Any type of seafood: Drizzle with some fresh lemon and grub down while Jet Fuel’s piney flavor still lingers on your palate.

Sushi: A West Coast staple meal to complement a West Coast staple strain. Bonus points if you order a California roll.

Pairs With Spirits
Hot toddy

Hot toddy84%
Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule76%
Scotch and soda

Scotch and soda83%

Hot toddy: This whiskey-based cocktail is an age-old nightcap. Enjoy it with a bowl of LA Confidential and drift off into dreamland.

Moscow Mule: Born in Los Angeles, this simple yet delicious combo of vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer is the perfect complement to LA Confidential.

Scotch and soda: Straightforward and unfussy, a simple scotch and soda is an excellent soothing complement to LA Confidential’s relaxing vibe.

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10 seeds, 20 seeds


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